The Project
The academic brief provided was to design and build a scaled jet-powered boat within dimensional parameters, where we designed from the chines up. In response my team developed the Ancona luxury speed boat. The design was inspired by the Ducati Panigale sports bike, where we were able to draw key inspirations and bring an aggressive staunched luxury speed boat to the water. We took inspiration from the lights, exposed frame elements, pinch lines and air intakes. The long bow and flared air intakes, gives the boat an aggressive stance. Simple pinch lines stand out on the high gloss finish contrasting with the geometric piping features and dark tinted glass. 

A key individual responsibility of mine, was the design and prototyping of the boat interior. This was one of the things I lead from the iterative phase up until the final build of the model.
The process of this project started with initial desk research and vehicle analysis followed by iterative drawing, prototyping,CAD modelling, model making and development in a tight time frame to come up with a finalised scaled down physical and digital jet boat.
Vehicle Inspiration
CAD Rendering using Solidworks Visualise and Adobe Photoshop
Prototyping with cardboard, polystyrene and modelling clay 
Model Making Process
CAD Modelling using Rhinoceros 3D
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